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Together we can Rise!!!

Join us in our efforts to provide a safe home for Women who have escaped abuse.  Nothing is impossible when we do it together. The Lord has called us to heal the broken hearted, to speak against injustice and be the His hands and feet while here on Earth. We have been called to be the light in the darkness, a city on a hill.  

We refer to this as the Isaiah 58 commission. We invite you to stand with us and consider supporting this ministry to open up facilities in the Poconos region. We are a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization,  every donation and contribution you give is tax deductible. We need your help, will you stand with us? If you would like to contribute please visit our "Go fund me" page and become a part of being a voice for the voiceless. 

Proud member of NCADV

We seek to eradicate Domestic Violence. The silence must be broken, we have been called to heal the broken hearted, the rejected, the abused, the outcast. It is time to raise the standard and reach the broken where they are at.

Together we can RISE!!!

Does your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, significant other threaten you? Intimidate you?

Isolates you? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you are in an unhealthy relationship. It is time to do something about it.

Love is kind...

Knowing the red flags and signs when you are in a relationship are keys in determining if your relationship is heading the right way. Sometimes, when we are in a relationship we choose to not see the signs because we want to think the best of the other person, but knowing his/her character is a key component in determining whether you should stay or go. Love is not violent. Love is not abusive. Know the signs and get help immediately. You can contact us for more information and resources.  

Fear is not from God...

No one should have to live in fear. Every Woman and Man deserve to be in a relationship free from Abuse and Violence. To Love means to Respect, to Love means to Honor, to Love means to Care for, to Love means to Protect. There is Hope and if you are in an unhealthy relationship and you are fearful of your life call us today. 

Rapid SOS App

We are so happy to share with you this awesome phone app called "Haven App." It is an app that allows you to call 911 with one touch. You can read all about it on RapidSOS. For more information click on the following link and through R.I.S.E you will be able to download the app for FREE.

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Together we RISE!!!

We need your help to open a Survivor's Shelter in Monroe County, consider giving your best donation today. We are a not for profit

501(3) tax exempt organization, all contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Victim Services Training

Are you a Victim Service Provider and are interested in gaining more essential skills and knowledge to better assist victims of crime?

If so, click on the link to the left where you will be able to enroll for FREE online training.

Call to set up an appointment!

  • Mobile Advocacy - Accompanying survivors as they look for housing, go to court and obtain resources and social support.
  • Empowerment Advocacy - Empowering survivors to set personal goals and providing support to achieve them.
  • Financial Empowerment - Learning financial fundamentals through presentations, mastering credit basics, creating budget strategies.
  • Case Management - Providing support and referral services to survivors.

R.I.S.E Resource Center

Chief Executive Officer, Heidi Mercado


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